Menu Launch

Tuesday 17th March….


Good news for friends & new comers…David Henry & His kitchen team have developed a great new menu which is ready to roll next Tuesday…

Some requests of old faves like Calves Liver, Mash & Bacon will rear their beautiful smells & reflect the other beautiful ideas such as Pan Roast Rainbow Trout…So simple yet so tasty!

For those who do not eat meat or fish Chef has developed a fantastic Lentil Meatball with spinach & sofrito which we just adore!

Keeping the traditions of the McCoys seafood pancake & Moules the introduction of Dutch Eel to the menu will be a winner!!!

Can’t wait to share this all with you & see those smiles & yummy noises in the restaurant

Watch the website close to see our new menu’s go live!!

Tony McKenna

General Manager