Here’s a quick look at our December menus chaps…….

Christmas Prix Fixe –

served through lunch times, from 6.00pm until 9.30pm Tuesday – Thursday and from 6.00pm until 7.30pm Friday Evenings.

Also available for parties over 10 guests, Pre-orders required

2 Course £19.95

3 Course £24.95


Soup of the Day

McCoy’s Seafood Pancake

Classic Prawn Cocktail

Venison Ragout, Aged Parmesan, Fettuccini Pasta

Roast Artichoke Risotto, Pickled Apple, Walnuts & Blue Cheese


6oz Sirloin Steak, Chips, Peppercorn Sauce

Fish of the Day

Roast Turkey with all the Trimmings

Crathorne Arms Steak Burger, Mustard Mayo, Red Onion, Chips, Salad

Pea & Mint Ravioli, Poached Egg, Mint Dressing


Christmas Pudding, Brandy Sauce

Apple & Blackberry Crumble

Dark Chocolate & Almond Torte, Mixed Winter Berries

Chef’s Cheese Selection

Lavender & Honey Mousse, Honeycomb

December a la carte…..


Soup of the day                                                                                      £5.50

Classic Prawn Cocktail                                                                         £7.25

McCoy’s Seafood Pancake                                                                   £7.85

Roast Artichoke Risotto, Apple, Walnuts & Blue Cheese            £8.00

Venison Ragout, Parmesan, Fettuccini Pasta                                 £6.95

Smoked Duck Salad, Crispy Quail Egg, Pine Nuts & Truffle Dressing                                                                                                                   £8.95

Seared Scallops, Fennel & Apple,                                                      £6.50

French Black Pudding, Caramelised Apple, Sage & Pomery Grain Mustard                                                                                                  £8.50


Char Grilled, Grand Reserve 10oz Sirloin Steak, Herb Crusted Tomato, Mushroom & Chips                                                          £22.00

Loin of Venison, Squash, Black Pudding & Peppered Sprouts                                                                                                                               £19.50

Char Grilled Sea Bass, Sauce Gremolata, Salad & Chips            £17.95

Butter Poached Pheasant, Savoy Cabbage, Bacon, Chestnut, Wild Mushrooms & Fondant Potato                                                         £16.95

Crathorne Arms Steak Burger, Mustard Mayo, Red Onion, Gherkin & Beer Battered Onion Rings, Chips & Salad                                £12.95

12 Hour Cooked Feather Blade of Beef, Pomme Purée Bourgignon Garnish                                                                                                  £18.95

Fish of the Day                                                                  £Market Price

Assiette of Lamb, Broccoli, Dauphinoise Potato, Sweetbreads                                                                                                                             £21.00

Pea & Mint Ravioli, Poached Egg & Mint Dressing                      £11.95